Thermal Inkjet/Fruits, Vegetable & Beverage


This client had requirements to upgrade old marking equipment for their corrugated shipping cases. The product was loaded into a box and sent through a folding and sealing carton machine. After the carton was sealed, the date, lot code, product description, expiration date and bar code were printed on the boxes with a Piezo-based high-resolution inkjet printer.

The inkjet equipment was close to being obsolete, and the customer was experiencing several maintenance related issues. The printheads constantly had to be sent back to the supplier for flush and cleaning. This process took several weeks, and the customer would be without printheads forcing them to keep several spares in stock. Because of the age of the equipment, downtime was frequent. The bar code was often hard to read and the print was often less than desirable.


Alpha Industrial Supplies offered this customer thermal inkjet technology to replace the old printers. The PIN distributor was able to improve the process and eliminate costly downtime and repair costs.

Key Benefits:

The customer is experiencing significant cost savings because they no longer have to send out printheads for repair. A new print engine can be replaced onsite by the customer by simply replacing the existing printhead cartridge at a fraction of the cost. In addition, the thermal inkjet printers require much less maintenance and downtime leading to greater efficiencies.

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