Thermal Transfer Overprinters

Thermal Transfer Overprinters

Thermal transfer overprinters are used to print on many types of flexible packaging materials and some rigid substrates as well. Thermal transfer technology allows for continuous or intermittent printing of date codes, batch codes, bar codes, text and other graphics.

This printing technology is ideal when the print quality of thermal transfer printing is required in-line for printing of variable information and real-time data.  With this technology, a thermal printhead transfers heat through thermal transfer ribbon to mark the substrate clearly and quickly.

Thermal transfer overprinters are easily integrated into most forms of labeling and packaging machinery such as form, fill and seal machines used in food, pharmaceutical, electronics and other markets. Thermal transfer overprinters are a desired print method for bags and pouches, which are growing popularity in all markets for their sustainability and convenience attributes.


FlexPackPro 130 Series

This dependable line of TTO coders offers patented long-life mechanical design requiring no preventative maintenance. On average, these systems list for 25-40% less than other comparable TTO systems.


FlexPackPro 210 Series

This line of thermal transfer overprinters is rugged and reliable. These coders are built with 7000 series aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The patented printhead assembly requires lower air pressure to achieve the highest print quality.

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