High-Resolution Inkjet Printing

High-resolution Inkjet

High-resolution, industrial inkjet printers offer a flexible printing solution for marking on corrugated cases, bags and other porous and semi-porous substrates. A high-resolution inkjet printer can be used to print alpha-numeric code, bar codes and logos.

This technology is a cost-savings alternative to pre-printed labels and/or pre-printed boxes. These printheads are offered in a number of sizes to meet a variety of printing applications including tray packs and other short or hard-to-mark packages. The easy user interface allows for printing auto codes including date, time, shift, etc.

Our industrial printers offer a variety of connectivity options allowing for easy access to existing systems. They are serviceable, offering a long-term solution for printing in-line on-demand, economically and efficiently.

Examples of High-Resolution InkJet

Take a look at the capabilities our industrial equipment has to offer. These top-of-the-line machines can be used to help solve marking and coding issues in a wide variety of industries. Contact us today for more information on how our printers can benefit your business.
SquidInk AutoPilot
MkElite Front Brown Box Port
LIP1 with cardboard packaging
foxjet 117 1
EWTA Print on Lumber
384 Printhead Closeup with box
SquidInk AutoPilot High Resolution Printer
MkElite Printer
foxjet printer
EWTA Printer
Foxjet Printer
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