High-Resolution Printing – Automotive Parts


The customer was using a large character Piezo high-resolution printing technology that was antiquated to print on corrugated boxes for a secondary case decorating printer requirement. The operators were dissatisfied with the quality of print and the difficulty and downtime associated with refilling the ink supply with messy ink bags.


Raab Sales provided a superior case decorating solution in a state-of-the-art high resolution Trident-based inkjet printing system. This system offers a cleaner, bottle-fed ink system. The system is also equipped with a printhead auto cleaning feature that delivers improved and consistent print quality.

Key Benefits:

The customer is happy to move from bags to bottles into a more efficient ink delivery system. The new printing equipment offers serviceable print engines versus what they had before. There is less downtime in replacing messy ink bags with the large capacity ink bottles. The customer likes the ease in which the printer can be programmed, making message and product changeovers fast and easy. The ink system is compact and clean, allowing the operators to change supplies without shutting down production and eliminating product waste.

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