Drop-on-Demand Inkjet/Building Products


This manufacturer was using small character inkjet printers to provide quality control and tracking information on extruded vinyl products. They were experiencing continual delays and downtime due to printer problems and poor print quality.


The customer was looking for a solution other than small character inkjet printing that would be more reliable and provide a quality mark. Boehm Automation presented both CO2 laser and drop-on-demand solutions. Samples with both technologies were completed on the customer’s products, and an ROI comparison for the two different technologies was provided and reviewed. The customer selected the drop-on-demand solution and requested a one-week trial. After the trial, the customer issued a purchase order for three systems.

Key Benefits:

The new drop-on-demand inkjet system is very rugged, ideal for this customer’s plant environment. This feature of durability renders consistent high quality providing print that is bold and clear. And the fast drying ink reduces any chance for smudging of the mark. The customer is very happy with the system’s simplistic operation and low maintenance.

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