High-Resolution Inkjet/Industrial Components


This customer was using an older model large character inkjet printer to print logos and directions on small engine filters. There was a need for clear, high print quality that was not being met consistently by the current system. The customer was spending approximately $16,000 on printhead repairs to keep them at an acceptable level of print quality. Changeover was difficult since the six 2” printheads needed to be constantly moved between runs to center the print on the parts. New messages could not be entered easily since two controllers with outdated soft-ware were being utilized.


PIN Distributor, MarkPack, Inc., replaced the two outdated controllers with one Windows-based controller. And the six 2” printheads were replaced with three 4” high-resolution printheads.

Key Benefits:

Print quality is much higher and extremely consistent. The simple, Windows-based software on the single controller makes inputting new messages quicker and easier. The taller printheads allow coverage of all parts without adjustments and cut the number of printheads to maintain in half. In a year of running, no print-head repairs, replacements or refurbishments have been required.

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