Drop-on-Demand Inkjet/Industrial Components


This customer was using large character printers with yellow pigmented ink, printing seven lines of text and logos in multiple areas on the drums. The supplier could not manage all of this information from one controller, so multiple units were in place to accomplish this. Additionally, the MEK pigmented ink did not have a circulating device to keep the ink from coagulating in the bottom of the pail. The MEK pigmented inks were causing downtime as printheads were clogging with dried pigments. The customer had a large investment in spare parts and print-heads to support operations to compensate for out of state service department. Expenses from downtime and spare print heads were adding up and a solution was needed.


PIN Distributor, Industrial & Shippers Supply, provided a single system to manage all printing needs and an alternative to MEK-based pigmented ink. The system provided has one large touch screen housing two OEM control units, large capacity ink system and a dye-based high contrast florescent ink.

Key Benefits:

The new system allows for four print heads in varying positions to accommodate all seven lines of print with one touchscreen controller. The ink provided is a high-contrast fluorescent color which stands out on a black metal drum, replacing the need for pigmented ink. With the dye-based ink, the need to circulate pigments is eliminated. Service availability was reduced from weeks to days, as ISSI’s service group is within five miles of the manufacturing plant, thus reducing downtime and associated costs. The customer is very happy with the system and the service.

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