High-Resolution Inkjet/Personal Care


This customer had legacy drop-on-demand printers that had to be taken apart and cleaned every day before use. The customer was looking to see if there was a new technology that would help with their issue. The other challenge was the application called for printing up on small lotion bottles.


PIN Distributor, Colorado Scale Center, first suggested putting a small character continuous inkjet (CIJ) system in its place. But the customer did not want to spend the money and had a bad experience with CIJ systems in the past. Colorado Scale Center then suggested a high-resolution non-porous inkjet system. Colorado Scale Center communicated with the customer that the printer manufacturer did not recommend printing up as well as the fact that they had never done this before. Tests were performed at the PIN distributor lab using the small courier 24 font. Remarkably, the proposed solution worked very well. The inkjet system was then installed for a one week trial at the customer site, and then accepted. Although the system requires a bit more maintenance because of the unique application, the customer is satisfied with the quality of the mark and the time saved on start-up every morning. For this application and customer, this high-resolution non-porous inkjet system has proven to be a good solution which has been sold to other manufactures based on this customer’s recommendation.

Key Benefits:

The customer’s maintenance crew can now spend their valuable time working on other equipment. Not only is the customer saving labor costs related to the switch to the new printers, their ink costs are minimal. The customer is very happy with the performance of the new printers supplied by Colorado Scale Center.

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