Printer Solutions in the Agricultural Industry


The customer was using thermal inkjet for their primary packaging on plastic bags of fertilizer and secondary packaging on corrugated boxes. The plant was experiencing significant downtime due to the frequency of replacing the thermal inkjet cartridges. The thermal inkjet cartridges were not capable of supporting the volume the manufacturing process was demanding. Another major issue the plant was experiencing had to do with the printhead’s short “throw” distance. To get a clear print on the secondary packaging, the printhead had to be mounted so close to the corrugated surface that boxes were continuously hitting against the print-head causing illegible marks. The lack of a user interface on the thermal inkjet system also translated into a higher level of operator error and need for service calls.


PIN Distributor, Raab Sales, offered a different technology and solution to solve this customer’s problems. A small character continuous inkjet system is what this customer’s printing application called for.

Key Benefits:

The new system features a larger ink capacity for high volume printing and a user-friendly touchscreen interface to program messages with ease. The 6000 hour PM (scheduled maintenance) is easy enough for the operator to do onsite, eliminating the need for outside service calls and costs. The longer “throw” distance of the new printer solved the secondary packing issue and provided more flexibility in setup. The customer has been extremely happy with the new printer and has reported less downtime.

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