The customer was using small character CIJ printers to print two lines of text on two liter and five liter bags of smoothie and shake mixes sold to a major fast food restaurant chain. The fast food chain changed their print specifications to eight lines of text in mixed font sizes and multi-lingual product information. The customer’s current printers could not satisfy this new requirement.


PIN Distributor, MarkPack, Inc., suggested and sold this customer an alternative printing technology from the small character inkjet they had been using. The new solution introduced was thermal transfer overprinting (also referred to as TTO), which utilizes thermal transfer printing technology and ribbon similar to a common industrial label printer. The TTO printer allowed the customer to meet the new print specification. The permanent print provided by the thermal transfer ribbon is extremely durable, withstanding the temperature changes associated with packaging, refrigerated storage and shipping.

Key Benefits:

The high-volume production demands in addition to the extensive, new printing requirements are easily met by the high speed capability of the new TTO printer, which can print up to 15” per second. The quick-change ribbon cassette also allows the operator to replace the ribbon in seconds. All in all, the customer is thrilled with their newfound efficiencies.

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