Thermal Inkjet/Fruit Jams & Toppings


The customer had requirements to upgrade his high-resolution large character inkjet system due to downtime and poor print quality. Cost for repair for each printhead was averaging $3,200-$4,000 every two years. The high cost for ink and frequent priming were continuously rising.


Hitachi installed two thermal inkjet systems capable of printing 2” of print height. The new system allows the customer to network both production lines from one controller offering a simpler operation. The thermal inkjet system provides dramatically improved print quality and reduces ink consumption. With the floating printhead, it not only improves the print quality, but keeps the production line cleaner.

Key Benefits:

The customer loves the idea of a LIFETIME WARRANTY which they currently have on their new equipment from IMS-Partners. There are no high parts costs, and the printhead is automatically refreshed every time a cartridge is replaced. The inkjet controller also allows them to communicate to their network to maintain higher quality control of product tracking.

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