This customer needed a solution for mismarked glass and plastic bottles of liquor. The plant’s quality assurance manager figured the plant was processing 1,000 mismarked bottles daily. These bottles were half printed, smudged or printed with the wrong batch numbers and/or date codes. The Q&A manager reached out to Raab Sales looking for a way to re-mark the bottles with two lines of print without having to stop normal operations, reprogram messages on the line, and run the mismarked bottles through again.


Raab Sales offered a portable handheld printer capable of printing two lines of information. This particular application needed an ink that was capable of printing on plastic and glass bottles interchangeably. The ink provided is an aggressive drying ink that allows the ink to dry on glass and plastic surfaces. The printer can store 25 messages at a time and allows the customer to change the message for each bottle if needed, reducing the time it would take to reprogram each message. The portability and functionality of the printer make it possible to print on uneven surfaces, making it very easy to mark on spherical bottles, even as small as 200 milliliter, without having to make adjustments to the printer.

Key Benefits:

Since implementing the handheld thermal inkjet printer, the customer has been able to reduce the amount of product loss and significantly increase their profit without having to compromise their high speed production effort.

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