Thermal Inkjet/Prepared Foods


This customer had a labor intensive process of forming boxes, filling the boxes with baked pizza crusts, hand taping the boxes and manually applying pressure sensitive barcode labels to the outside of the corrugated cases. Production would get backed up waiting for several operators to complete the end-of-line steps in the process.


Mammoth Labels & Packaging sold this customer a system to simplify box erecting and loading, automatically seal the top and bottom of the box, and replace the manual process of labeling with printing directly on the box with thermal inkjet. The solution also included conveyors to move the finished cases to the pallet loading station. Before the product is shipped to Wal-Mart the bar codes are verified for readability by scanners also provided by Boehm as part of the overall solution.

Key Benefits:

The new solution reduced labor requirements for the process by two people. The customer also experienced a reduced cost per mark by replacing labels with inkjet. The customer is thrilled with the increased productivity and throughput on the line by automating several steps in the process. They are even using less tape and saving money on that, too!

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