This customer’s product facility can be hard on packaging equipment. They struggled with their existing small character continuous inkjet systems. Their requirements called for moving the coders around depending on the line configuration that was running that day.

The manufacturer was not getting reliable performance from the existing coders. Coder reliability became such a problem that they ran two coders on each line. One would run and the other would act as a backup. When the first one would stop printing, they would switch to the second to keep running. This greatly increased their capital cost per line in addition to the high maintenance costs to keep them running.


This customer’s problem was twofold. They had elected to go with a low-priced coder and received low-priced coder performance. PIN Distributor, Cal-Pak, replaced these coders with more reliable small character inkjet printers. The new printers’ reliability and performance levels improved the situation greatly, and the customer only required one coder per production line.

Cal-Pak also determined that there was no established preventative maintenance program in place to keep this manufacturer serviced. In such a difficult environment, that would greatly improve long-term performance of the coders. Cal-Pak developed the plan for them to follow which required some of the maintenance to be performed by the customer and some by Cal-Pak’s trained technician.

Key Benefits:

The customer now enjoys solid performance and reliability from their small character continuous inkjet printers from Cal-Pak. The solution is providing a lower overall cost of ownership and lower cost of code.

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