This client had requirements to upgrade old marking equipment on their food line. They had many issues with existing printers and needed to upgrade. The printing application called for a date and lot code to be printed on the top of a can after it was filled and sealed. After being printed, the product was cooked.

In addition to the existing equipment being close to obsolescence, the printers had many maintenance issues and caused a lot of downtime. The customer had read rate issues since they were verifying code with vision systems. They also had the necessity (and related costs) for back-up printers because they are a no code/no run facility.


The local PIN distributor offered new, upgraded small character inkjet printers that required less time to maintain, cutting the customer’s downtime to a fraction of what they had been experiencing and improving their read rates to 99.9%. The customer chose the PIN solution because of the on-site demo performed by the PIN distributor and the quality of the mark provided by the printer. The PIN solution ran for several months without a need for printhead cleaning, unlike the competitor’s which required daily cleaning.

Key Benefits:

The customer experienced significant cost savings because they are now using half of the ink and solvent they were previously using. In addition, the new marking systems require much less maintenance and downtime, leading to greater efficiencies.

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