Small Character Inkjet/Prepared Foods


This customer had older continuous inkjet systems that were a battle to keep running. The customer was spending 30-60 minutes per day cleaning and adjusting the printers to keep them running. Besides the climbing labor costs associated with the daily maintenance of the machines, the downtime become unacceptable because of the company’s growth.


PIN Distributor, Colorado Scale Center, performed a demo of a new small character inkjet system. The customer kept the unit for a week on a trial basis. The prepared foods manufacturer reported no need to open the printhead for cleaning for the duration of the trial and promptly cut a purchase order for two units to Colorado Scale Center. Since the initial purchase, the customer has bought two additional units. They are very happy with the printers and the partnership with Colorado Scale Center.

Key Benefits:

The customer’s production lines run smoothly without the interruption they had experienced in the past with the old CIJ system. The maintenance crew can now spend their valuable time working on other equipment.

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