Small Character Inkjet/Prepared Foods


The customer had requirements to print on both paperboard and high-density polyethylene tubs of chicken salad and the like. The customer’s current printers were old and troublesome.


Hitachi installed a small character inkjet printer on a trial. The printer features a piston pump system with electric motor to circulate the ink as opposed to the common circulation system driven by air, which can suffer from issues related to fluctuations in air pressure. After running the trial for just a few days, the customer purchased the printer.

Key Benefits:

The customer is very happy with the simplified cleaning and maintenance of the new printer. By eliminating the complications of an air pressure system, the customer is experiencing a tremendous improvement in print quality and reliability. The service IMS-Partners is providing gives this customer additional peace of mind and confidence to replace seven more printers. An additional benefit this customer gained since the switch is considerable savings in makeup fluids, totally about $1,500 per machine per year.

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