Small Character Inkjet/Contract Packaging


This co-packer was utilizing several small character inkjet printers from top manufacturers. The systems were old and unreliable. This co-packer runs approximately a million plus units of goods per day on 14 lines. The downtime caused by the old printers translated into significant costs. Solution:


This customer embarked on a project to replace the printers by establishing teams to evaluate different printer brands. The small character printer supplied by PIN distributor Hitachi proved itself as the hands-down winner. The system offers a robust list of features. And although on the surface it was not the customer’s most inexpensive choice, it was by far the most economical long-term solution, which is smart business for this growing contract packager. The customer has purchased 19 units.

Key Benefits:

The customer is most pleased with the reliability of the printers. Uptime is critical to their business as cost control is the key to success in the business of contract packaging. The rich features and flexibility of the printers give this customer more capabilities, which allows them to take on more business that they could not satisfy in the past. The customer is equally pleased with the service they are receiving from Hitachi.

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