Small Character Inkjet/Food Contract Packaging


This leading provider of processing and packaging services to America’s food industry needed small character inkjet printers to keep up with their growing capacity. This customer prints on a number of different substrates including chipboard, plastics and plastic bottles. Some of the these containers are microwavable, so the product code must withstand a significant amount of heat. Their current printers did not meet these requirements reliably or efficiently.


PIN distributor, Hitachi, offered a small character inkjet printing solution that meets the speed requirements of this customer’s high production. The printer offers easy user interface and the flexibility to mark on different types of substrates.

Key Benefits:

The co-packer has increased their production by at least 10% since purchasing the new small character inkjet printers. They are able to move the printers to varying environments within their plant and mark on ever-changing types of containers reliably. They are able to easily change messages when needed, limiting downtime that in the past was an issue.

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