Product Dating & Shelf ID from Mark-Pack, Inc. Makes the Easy-To-Use Hitachi RX-S a Holiday Treat at Sanders Candy

Printing on decorative tins of chocolate was too much for the laser printers that Sander Candy had at its factory. The printers either marred the paint or had no surface to imprint on the bottom of the tin. With the holidays approaching, Sanders Candy needed a solution.

Sanders Candy turned to Mark-Pack Inc. for better product dating and shelf identification. The Hitachi distributor was certain Sanders’ technical team would love the Hitachi RX-S with its print quality, reliability, versatility, and easy programmability. Within 20 minutes of arriving, Paul Owen of Mark-Pack had the Hitachi demo unit up and running on a Sanders production line. He let the techs take over and experiment with the unit for four days. 

The Sanders Company liked the Hitachi RX-S so much, they tried it on all of their production lines. They eventually purchased four printers total to meet peak Christmas demand for chocolates. 

Today, Sanders Candy uses Hitachi RX-S printers interchangeably on glass, plastic, individual wrapped chocolates, tins, and carton packaging.

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