Label Applicators/Automotive Parts


The customer was sometimes required to place labels on certain parts they were producing, which was being done manually. Labels were occasionally missed and not applied. When it was being done, the label placement was inconsistent, and additional labor was required when these jobs were run.


PIN Distributor, MarkPack, Inc., offered an opportunity for this customer to automate the process with a custom feeder/conveyor and new automatic label applicators/printers. The new system would feed the parts to the labeler, while the label printer applicator printed the labels with all required information and applied them to the parts automatically.

Key Benefits

Missing labels are no longer an issue. Label placement is precise. The newly freed-up labor can be used in more profitable areas of production. In addition, the new system has a label-on-demand feature which only dispenses a label when the photocell is triggered, and the system is all electric. So unlike most printer applicators, this machine does not require plant air, the label does not need to be held on the tamp pad when no product is present, and labels are not wasted at the end of a run.

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