This manufacturing facility was looking to automate their labeling process, as their current process had them hand applying two different labels to their primary package. The customer was outsourcing to another company to preprint rolls of multi-colored product labels that were hand applied to their packages. The second label was printed onsite with a thermal transfer label printer and applied by hand as well. Another issue they were running into with the thermal transfer label process was over printing and/or under printing the number of labels needed. This caused a tremendous amount of waste and downtime.


PIN Distributor, Raab Sales, provided an automatic thermal transfer label print-er applicator machine to automate the customer’s packaging process.

Key Benefits:

The customer is thrilled with the on-demand labeling process! The customer reports an overall reduction of downtime on their packaging line. Reducing their label over-runs and under-runs translated into huge savings in material waste and improvements in productivity.

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