The beer brewer was using a mechanical hot stamp to apply a simple, one-line date code on preprinted beer bottle labels prior to the labels being applied to the bottles. The hot stamp had become unreliable and produced uneven print quality. It also required manual type changes for each new date. It was difficult to obtain technical support to service the device. Production volume was increasing, and it became critical to find a reliable solution.


Mammoth Labels & Packaging installed a trial small character inkjet printer on the customer’s production line, set-up to print on the label prior to application to the bottle. A label gap sensor was used to provide a print signal to the inkjet printer to print on the label. After running the trial for two hours, the customer purchased the printer.

Key Benefits:

The non-contract printing the new inkjet printer offers renders a much better mark. The reliable operation and printing process is a welcomed improvement for the customer. They are also happy with the time savings gained by eliminating the need to change the type on a daily basis. The new printer also gives them the flexibility to add additional lines of print, important for this growing and changing company.

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