The customer had a challenging new printing application, and the competitor could not provide a workable solution that would perform consistently. The customer had to resort to hand applying labels during downtime. The label printer/applicators needed to accurately apply a 3” x 7” pressure sensitive labels to 10 – 40 pound bags filled with seed or fertilizer. Data for the label was sent via Ethernet and contained a 2D code. The 2D codes were to be read by a camera to indicate the presence of the label. Signal was sent to indicate missing labels. Environmental conditions were extremely dusty.


PIN Distributor, Mammoth Labels & Packaging, sold the customer three complete systems that included label applicators and 2D cameras. This equipment provided trouble-free operation and guaranteed that each bag going out of the door contained a label or a signal triggered an alert light to warn the operators of the problem. Multiple misses would shut the line down.

Key Benefits:

The customer is saving thousands of dollars in labor costs by eliminating the hand application of labels and increasing production rates. They acquired a fool-proof system that guarantees each bag they ship is marked with the essential in-formation.The print on the labels including the 2D code is consistently crisp and clear.

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