Founded in 1965 in Taipei, Taiwan, LCY Corporation established its first United States facility in Baytown, Texas, in 2004. They contracted Industrial and Shippers Supply, Inc. (ISSI) at the time for printer recommendations. As a result, ISSI sold and installed the Marsh ML8, a Large Character DOD printer. After two decades of hard work, the Large Character DOD proved a very durable and practical system. ISSI was so effective with their Large Character DOD systems that they were called again to find a reliable and durable InkJet System to support their production needs.


After 20 years of heavy usage of the Marsh ML8 InkJet printer on Kraft Paper Bags, LCY Baytown required an upgrade. The old software was no longer compatible with their production lines, and they needed a system with a larger scope of capabilities to expand the production line. In addition, this system had aged beyond its life expectancy.


ISSI recently installed the Mattews’ VIAjet V-Series marking system to replace the Marsh ML8 printer. Due to the ease-of-use touchscreen controller, the maximized scope of capabilities, extreme durability, and updated software, this printer was a perfect fit for LCY Baytown’s modern InkJet needs.



Several weeks after the installation of the Matthews’ VIAjet V-Series marking system, LCY Baytown has experienced the following performance results:

  • The rugged design meets the demands of the plant’s extreme environment.
  • Ease of use has brought down training time significantly.
  • A large range of printing has allowed employees to make precise edits.


  • This system scales up with ease, allowing the addition of equipment to your line or the expansion to multiple plant locations.
  • Effortless remote software support with on-call technicians ready to fix any problem.