Landmark Packaging, Inc. has been a packaging manufacturer and distributor supplying various packaging materials, including boxes, bags, labels, janitorial supplies, and personal protective equipment to Colorado businesses since 2012.


They make, on average, 30,000 custom boxes a month that are glued on-site. The boxes are then hand stamped with a BMC (Box Maker’s Certificate) on the bottom of the box, which shows the manufacturer of the box, dimensions, lbs./ capacity, etc. The hand stamps needed to provide a clearer image, and the process was time-consuming.


Colorado Scale Center installed a trial Co-Pilot Max Turbo printer for them to test, and Landmark quickly saw the value and purchased two of the printers for their gluer machines. They are now saving about 1.5 hours a day versus stamping the boxes by hand, and they are ecstatic with the results, time/money savings, and the ROI seen in about 9.5 months



Benefits of the Co-Pilot Max Turbo

  • Print up to 2.8″ of hi-resolution characters, razor-sharp text, scannable bar codes, and great-looking logos at 360 dpi
  • CoPilot Max’s 4.3″ full-color touchscreen provides access to the system’s internal messages and print functions
  • Compatible with Squid Ink’s easy-to-use Orion™ message creation PC software