Incorporated in 1983, Geary Brewing is New England’s

first craft brewery in the post-prohibition era. This

innovative brewery started a craft beer movement when it

poured its flagship beer, Geary’s Pale Ale, in the winter of

1986, and since then, it has developed an extensive line of

heritage beers. The company needed help automating the

date coding of cases and reducing preprinted cartons, so it

turned to Lindenmeyr Munroe for cost-effective solutions.


Geary’s labor-intensive manual stamping of date codes on beer cases slowed production and diverted labor

resources from more productive tasks. With a proliferation of additional brands and beer formulas, more and

more custom-printed cartons were required, along with expensive plate charges, excess and obsolete carton

SKUs, and increased space requirements.


Lindenmeyr Munroe installed MSSC Smart Jet Lite

printers on opposite sides of Geary’s outfeed conveyor to

print date codes, product names, bar codes on cases,

and twelve product packs. This workhorse affordable

printer prints on porous, semi-porous, and non-porous

surfaces and can print barcodes and logos. The

Smart-Jet® Lite is widely recognized as the market’s most

reliable, economical, and compact thermal ink jet coder.


The customer experienced reduced labor costs, printing

plate charges, and carton storage costs. They realized

increasedeconomies of scale in purchasing generic

cartons and better overall productivity because of a highly

reliable yet affordable thermal inkjet printer that could

meet most of their variable marking and coding needs.