Aluminum Extruder Company Case Study


We recently worked with one of America’s most advanced aluminum extruders. They offer over 5,000 products and have the unique ability to customize products based on customer specifications. The company serves numerous industries, including EV vehicle parts, construction, and aerospace.


Their company was having difficulty managing their label inventory used to put product information on Hybrid and EV parts. Their previous system involved employees leaving their workstations to print labels using a Zebra 410 printer in a separate area. This employee then had to apply labels by hand to the right products. Other limitations included a lack of networking capabilities at this particular workstation and intermittent use, causing the current printer to clog. The customer needed a solution to minimize operator downtime and simplify the overall product identification process.


Our team gave the customer a few inkjet printing samples, including drop-on-demand and continuous inkjet technology. At first, the customer hesitated to use an inkjet printer due to an unpleasant experience with a different manufacturer. After we demoed the Leibinger Jet2Neo, however, they were more receptive. They were impressed with the printer’s Sealtronic technology, which closes the ink stream when not in use, preventing clogs, decreasing clean time, and minimizing overall downtime.


Over the past few years, the company has bought multiple machines since its initial printer purchase. The Sealtronic feature is perfect for their intermittent labeling needs, allowing them to begin printing immediately without frequent cleaning. Now, the company can produce ten prints per minute, increasing the efficiency of its product identification process.