Comparing Thermal Ink Jet & Continuous Ink Jet

Historically, companies looking for a coder to print barcodes, expiry and lot date in a packaging environment really only had one major print technology to consider – Continuous InkJet (CIJ). It could print on almost everything, from metal to plastics and more. However it came at a price – complex operation, costly downtime issues and the interminable smell from the solvent used. Today, however, there is an alternative that overcomes all the problems previously encountered – Thermal Inkjet (TIJ).

With inc.jet coding and marking solutions, the total cost of operations is significantly reduced, leading to measurable cost savings. 

  • Zero maintenance
  • No messy makeup fluids required
  • Reduced equipment complexity – no moving parts
  • Equipment uptime maximized
  • Lifetime Warranty for total reliability

TIJ solutions have come of age in the packaging industry. What was once a stretch for the technology in printing on non-porous substrates has now become the norm. The many downsides of CIJ – maintenance, cleanliness, and complexity – has largely been overcome and TIJ provides an effective method for marking and coding solutions that are high quality, low maintenance and with maximum reliability.

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