This customer manufactures caulk which is filled in tubes. They have a need to mark the caulk tubes with manufacturing information for tracking purposes. Their method of printing consisted of older model continuous inkjet printers of different makes and models. The printers did not provide good print quality and always required adjustments and maintenance, increasing this manufacturer’s downtime and costs.


PIN Distributor, MarkPack, Inc., specified a new small character continuous inkjet printer for the application that could provide clear product codes on the caulk tubes, print after print.

Key Benefits:

After the original purchased printer had been running without issue for some time, the customer purchased another. Both printers are providing much improved print quality, and, in turn, up-time. And the customer is realizing efficiencies due to the fact that the printer models are consistent. Lastly, the customer is realizing savings in running costs since the new printers use less makeup fluid.

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