The customer was using laser printers to mark on decorative tins and paper board packaging. The laser removed the paint of the decorative surface making the packaging less attractive. The laser could not mark on the bottom of the tin because it was unpainted, and the laser was not powerful enough to burn into the metal. Removing the paint also caused a considerable amount of smoke and fumes in the immediate area.


PIN Distributor, MarkPack, Inc., installed a small character continuous inkjet printer that allows the manufacturer to mark on the bottom of the unpainted tin. The printer is able to print expiry date and manufacturer information small enough on the bottom of the container as to not detract from the decorative appeal of the metal candy container.

Key Benefits:

The production department quickly realized that the user-friendly message creation along with the overall reliability of the new printer would benefit many of their other production and packaging lines within the plant. They moved the print-er to several of the other lines and were very pleased with the simple message editing and adaptability of the printer to the various package sizes and production rates. One month after the initial purchase, three more printers were purchased to replace the remaining laser printers. The simple backup/restore of print data via one of the USB ports makes it easy to have all of the printers programmed exactly the same which allows production staff to move any printer to any production line.

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