Approved Solutions for GHS & BS5609 Standards

Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling Chemicals (GHS) is a government regulation to communicate hazard information as well as protective measures on labels. Under this new regulation, new labels must include several different components. 

Thermal transfer ribbons provide a viable solution for GHS. These ribbons provide low cost of ownership and fixed ribbon costs regardless of ink coverage. By using thermal transfer ribbons, you may be able to use existing equipment and minimize investment. For example, pre-printing the red elements and adding variable black information maybe be a viable solution if the number of pictograms is similar. Another solution being adopted in the marketplace is the use of a multi-head thermal transfer printer printing both the black and red elements of the label. All IIMAK ribbons work for GHS, however, it is recommended that the ribbon and label are tested for specific applications. 

Preprinting labels

The BS5609 is another standard in which International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) require certification. This British Standard requires label resistance to marine immersion, temperature cycling, weathering, and abrasion. IIMAK’s full resin ribbons have undergone third-party certification tests to be BS5609 compliant. The test certificates are available upon request.

IIMAK provides a number of black and red TTR solutions to meet GHS requirements. Your choice of ribbon depends on the durability needs of the labels and the method of shipment (sea freight requires BS5609 certificate).


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