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hands operating diagnostics on machine

The customer was using a small character CIJ printer to print on their product, rubber roofing material. An operator, unfamiliar with the equipment, poured rubber stamp ink into the printer when the low-ink alarm came on. The incorrect ink caused the printer to fail completely. Service was contacted late on a Friday afternoon and advised that the customer’s line was down and service was required as soon as possible.


PIN Distributor, MarkPack, Inc., dispatched service to the customer’s site immediately and arrived late that Friday night. The dedicated, experienced service technician drained the printer and flushed it several times. Then the technician recommissioned the machine with new ink.

Key Benefits:

The downtime resulting from the operator’s error was costing the customer approximately $30,000 per hour, and the product could not be run. A prompt, after-hours service call got the customer back up and running quickly, saving them tens of thousands of dollars. The customer was able to meet critical production deadlines and avoid further associated costs.

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