Nighthawk Foods is a medium-sized food manufacturer specializing in various packaged food product for retail distribution. The company needed help managing its preprinted SKU box inventory, which led to inefficiencies in its production process and increased costs. To address this issue, they turned to CodeMark Systems, which offered a solution to reduce their SKUs and print on demand. This case study will explore the process and results of implementing this solution.


Nighthawk Foods had been using preprinted SKU boxes to package their products, leading to a large inventory of boxes that needed storage and management. This inventory management process was time-consuming and costly, as the company had to keep track of all the different box sizes and types they needed for their various products. Additionally, the company’s production process was slowed by the need to wait for the correct boxes to be delivered to the production line.


CodeMark Systems proposed a solution that would reduce the number of preprinted SKU boxes that Nighthawk Foods needed to use. Instead of having 254 different preprinted boxes, the company would only need to use four standard box sizes. This would eliminate the need for Nighthawk Foods to store and manage a large inventory of preprinted boxes and would also allow the company to customize the boxes as needed for different products. In addition, the VCTS and CoPilot print system would allow Nighthawk Foods to print the boxes on demand, just before the production process.


The implementation of the new system had a significant impact on Nighthawk Foods’ operations.

  • Reduced inventory of preprinted SKU boxes from 254 to just four standard sizes.
  • Significantly reduced time and money to manage box inventory.
  • Reduced inventory allowed for on-demand and customizable options.
  • More streamlined production process with additional flexibility.