Total Cost of Ownership: How HP Systems save you money

Use HP technology to save on total cost of ownership in a number of ways:

  1. Costs to consider when evaluating a coding system:
    • Initial equipment cost
    • Start up costs like shipping, training, and installation
    • Maintenance and service agreements
    • Repair costs
    • Shipping and removal of hazardous waste
    • Downtime
    • Weekly operating costs
    • Consumables like inks and supplies
  2. HP coding systems minimize total cost of ownership by requiring virtually no maintenance or service other than changing the ink cartridge or print head.
  3. Designing a system around HP technology gives suppliers flexibility. Individual components can provide an almost disposable unit that can be quickly removed and replaced with a stand-by spare. Repair time and downtime are reduced.
  4. Keeping spare parts in stock is always a good idea. Compare the cost of a small inventory of costs against the cost of production line downtime during repair. It is the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) that counts.
  5. User interface can add to the total cost of ownership. Some low cost units require a PC to program the print station. Other hidden costs associated with such an external device include skill level at the factory floor, education, training and PC savvy. Keep in mind, the less complicated the user interface, the more control the operator has over day to day functions. 
  6. HP technology minimizes the cost of consumables with more efficient ink formulation reducing the initial cost and complexity of the system.
  7. Consider expanding an HP coding system rather than replacing one to save time and money. Even with software options, the basic system has all the intrinsic functions necessary to support expansion. The system can support 32 print heads in a multi-drop environment, which reduces cable runs.

HP technology is almost foolproof. It is becoming more widely accepted as an alternative technology, and as time progresses new ink formulations will continue to erode the competition.

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