Inkjet Coders Offer Range of Printing Capabilities

Evolution systems simplify setup and maintenance, reduce down time and proved low TCO.

Evolution thermal inkjet printers from Digital Design Inc. Cedar Grove, New Jersey, rely on Hewlett Packard (HP) and Lexmark (LX) inkjet technology.

The Evolution I high-resolution printer includes one-line or two-line messages or even graphics at 300 dots per in. (dpi) at speeds up to 200 ft. per minute. The Lexmark model can easily be set to 300 dpi or 600 dpi via a handheld controller. Two fonts are standard with the character heights measuring 0.5 in. for one line, 7/32 in. for two lines. However, other font options are available.

The Evolution II system prints Class “A” bar codes and visuals on kraft corrugated and offers all the optional software features of Evolution I system as standard. Evolution II prints up to four lines of text. Character heights range from 0.5 in. for one line to 7/32 in. for two lines, 1/8 in. for three lines and 3/32 in. for four lines.

The Evolution III printer includes a color touch screen controller that is capable of controlling up to eight high-resolution print head modules. It can print alphanumeric characters up to 1 in. high and graphics or bar codes up to 2 in. high in a message area measuring 2 by 24 in. The unit can generate 12 bar code symbologies, including Data Matrix, and reproduce up to three different symbologies in one message.

All Evolution systems offer the user the ability to add additional print heads to increase printed message content and are capable of computer support. EV I and EV II models are available with touch screen controllers.

The Evolution family also includes the Evolution SC small-character inkjet. The SC model uses non-porous ink, which offers excellent adhesion and dry time with a variety of substrates including polystyrene, high-density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride that shrinks and stretches over wrap film. The unit easily prints five different character styles in sizes ranging from 0.052–0.125 in.

Digital Design also offers other piezo small-character inkjets and four valve-based large-character inkjet printers. The latter produce character heights ranging from 0.5–1.75 in.

The inkjet coders operate in virtually any industry, but are especially well-suited for tobacco, toys/crafts/sports, bakery/snack, confection/candy, dairy, beverage, meat/poultry/seafood, grain/mill/cereal, fresh produce, prepared foods, household chemical, cosmetic/toiletries, pharmaceutical/medical device, automotive, furniture/fixtures, hardware/tools, paper/printing, hardware/tools, and textiles/apparel applications.

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